BioEdit 7.0

Research software utility for creating and editing biological sequences
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Tom Hall

BioEdit is a software program that embeds the tools that scientists and technicians need so they perform specific tasks, such as manipulation of sequence alignment, ABI tracing or RNA analysis.
The program's GUI is severely outdated, mostly because it was designed to operate in older OS, like Windows95/98/NT. When it's installed on a contemporary OS, the main menu text appears blurry. Also, the information inside menu tabs looks dispersed and overcrowded at the same time, while the response to user actions is sometimes low, not to mention that the program often freezes.

Despite it doesn't impress with its appearance, BioEdit provides users numerous functionalities for completing their tasks.
It can display and print ABI chromatograms, sort sequences by name, annotate sequences with multiple graphical features or merge alignments through a reference sequence.

Furthermore, users can customize menu shortcuts for editor window, import compatible formats directly from the clipboard, or view and manipulate up to 20000 sequences.

To summarize, despite not being continued by the developer, and having an outdated look, BioEdit remains an important free alternative to more expensive utilities.

John Saunders
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  • Allows customization of menu shortcuts
  • Displays and prints ABI chromatograms
  • Supports up to 20000 sequences


  • The main menu text appears blurry
  • User response time is slow
  • The program sometimes freezes
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